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Conditions of appointment - Strawberrypicking 2012

BETWEEN                                 AND (please write in capital letters)

Bent S. Mogensen                     Name:
Haldagervej 293, Haldager         Address:
9440  Aabybro
DANMARK                                 Personal number:                        


You will be a staff member as a strawberry-/ pea-picker of Brdr. Mogensen, Haldagervej 293, Haldager, Denmark.

We expect the season to start around the 18. of June and that it will run for about 3-4 weeks.

Working hours are from 05.00 to about 10.00 a.m. every day (but as we sell the strawberries in advance the working hours is fluctuated – some days 5.00-8.30
other days 5.00-12.30)) - some days there will be posibility to work in the afternoon
too with peapicking or other agricultural work. The number of the working hours can vary according to the orders and the efficiency of the pickers. Another alterations are possible, but will always be arranged in advance. You will be payed after how much you pick. We pay DKK 4,25 pr. kilo of strawberries you pick + 12,5 % in holiday-money. There will be a bonus off DKK 1,50 pr. kilo of strawberries if you keep your side of the arrangements. This means if you stay away one day or leave before the season ends, without it being arranged, the bonus will be annulled. If you don´t respect our rules, you have to leave too. Here in Denmark you have to pay 8 % in
tax 1 of all your earnings. In Denmark we also have a tax 2, so perhaps you have to pay a tax of 39 % as well if you make a lot of money, but normally you don´t have
to pay the tax – Please look for more information of tax at: Payment takes place after the season has ended. Please be aware of that you have to pay some money in fee having your payment transfered to your account. You
have to pay 30 DKK pr. day in fee to stay at our camp (for water, electricity,
cleansing agents plus wear and tear).

The strawberries have to be fill in punnet of 500 gram and you will have to pick the strawberries with stalk. The strawberries must be sorted out, that means, that it
has to be fine strawberries free from
mould etc. Don´t pick strawberries you won´t eat yourself!

As picking strawberry isn´t any easy job you will benefit by a strong constitution.

As mornings sometimes happen to be cold and wet, it will be practical with rational clothes such as wellingtons and waterproof clothes. You have to pick strawberries every day no matter how the weather will be. It has its advantages to use puddings for your knees too, because  kneeling for so long is hard. 

In order of all of us getting something out of it, and getting along with each other, there will be some rules you have to respect.

Too much alcohol, drugs and smoking hashish will not be tolerated. According to
the rules you will
be suspended if you do so.
Smoking and too much chatting
in the
strawberry-field will not be tolerated as well. You lose your bonus and will
be suspended. Also to
remember are general sanitary rules such as washing
hands before picking. Living room and kitchen
are to be left latest at 10.30 p.m.
The dishes have to be done every day. The kitchen range and oven
have to be cleaned immediatly after use. Rubbish has to be put in a dustbin. Toilets and
shower have
to be cleaned often and you do it in turns with the other pickers.  

We expect that you are able to understand and speak english.

You have to bring some documentations of your expenses (rent) from your native country - a copy will do. It´s for the taxoffice.

About payment. You have to bring your IBANnumber and Swift CODE from your
bank with you, because we need it to transfere your payment.

If you have any questions, please call Bent Mogensen on telephone number:
+45 20818316/+4540459134.

Welcome and best wishes for a good cooperation
Brdr. Mogensen

On these above-mentioned conditions we commit usself  mutual to respect this agreement


Staff member's signature


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Please write the day you expect arriving and when you return home

Arriving date:                                                      Return home date:

_______________________                      _______________________

Please return this paper latest on the 15th of February

Thanking you in anticipation!
We are looking forward to seeing you.


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