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Haldager, 10/04 2013

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your application as a strawberry-picker on our farm in Denmark
- we hope you
still are interested in coming to Denmark to work and having a
greate experience which it is meeting new people and visiting a foreign country.

We live in Haldager, which is situated in Northern Jutland between Aalborg and

Our farm is about 15 km. from Aalborg and about 30 km. from the beach in Blokhus
(the North Sea – there is a very fine beach).
The nearest railwaystation/ airport is Aalborg.

We have 10 measure´s of land with strawberry and peas. We expect around
10-15 foreign people living at the camp this year. The family you are going to
stay with, is Henriette and Bent, Caroline (aged 17), Gustav (aged 14) and
Johanne (aged 10½). Moreover the family of Bent will be here - Carl, who is
Bent´s brother owns the market garden too.

We expect the season to start around the 18. of June and that it will run for
about 3-4 weeks (depends on the weather).
Therefore we prefer you to arrive at the 16. of June if possible or as soon as
it may be. It can also happens to be a little bit earlier, but then we will contact

You have to bring your own tent which you can set up at the farm. In addition
you have to bring
sleepingbag, kitchen ware, rubber boots and waterproof
clothes too. Toilets and showerfacilities
together with cooking facilities are
available. The dishes have to be done every day. The kitchen
range and oven
have to be cleaned immediatly after use. Rubbish has to be put in a dustbin.
and shower have to be cleaned often and you do it in turns with the
other pickers.
There will also be a washing machine and tumbler drier. You
will have to buy your own food and what else you need. There are super-
markets and other shops in Aabybro about 5 km. away. It's possible to
borrow bicycles at our farm. There is also a good opportunity of rollerskating
if you bring them with you. You have to pay a little fee to stay at our camp
(30 DKK/ day), and if you don´t work here anymore you cannot stay at the
camp. Please be aware of this: if you bring a mobilhome with you, we can´t
promise you electricity – please contact us in advance.

Working hours are from 05.00 to about 10.00 a.m. every day (as we sell the
strawberries in advance the working hours is fluctuated). Some days you also
have to work in the afternoon. You will be payed after how much you pick.
We pay DKK 4,25 pr. kilo of strawberries you pick + 12,5 % in holiday-money.
There will be a bonus off DKK 1.25 pr. kilo of strawberries if you keep your
side of the arrangements. This means if you stay away one day or leave before
the season ends, without it being arranged, the bonus will be annulled.
Here in Denmark you have to pay 8 % in tax 1 of all your earnings. Danish
people also have to pay a tax 2 – perhaps you have to pay tax 2 as well.
Please look for more information on tax at You have to
bring some documentations of your expenses (rent) from your native country
- a copy will do. It´s for the tax office. Payment takes place after the season
has ended.

Please give us your accept as quick as possible and latest on the 10th of May
at our e-mail:

We want to know whether you come or not. Remember to bring your passport/ identification card and Form no. E 111 in case of illness. You also have to bring
your IBAN number and SwiftCODE from the bank with you. We need it for your
payment. Remember you have to pay fee to having your payment transferred
to your account.

More information on


If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact us (e-mail or
phone +4540459134).

We are looking forward to seeing

Yours Sincerely
Brdr. Mogensen
Henriette & Bent Mogensen
Haldagervej 293
9440 Aabybro


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